Do I leave my AC on or should I turn it off?

We want your home environment to be as "normal" as possible, so if you normally have it on then leave it on. If the inspector needs to turn it off for testing than he or she will do so.


Should I close the windows?

Yes, we do a baseline test to capture the conditions outside for comparison. We want to specifically know what is happening inside your residence/office.


Can you test the garage, attic, or crawl space?

While these areas are not considered indoors, we will do tests in these areas if the investigation leads us to the them and they are physically accessible.


Do you check the HVAC?

As part of the investigation we look at the entire HVAC system. The HVAC system is the "lungs" of the residence or office and have to be checked in every situation.


Will you be able to find out what is causing a smell?

Between the pre-visit survey, the testing we conduct, and our in person investigation we are generally able to find the origin of most odors and provide recommendations to remove them from your home, office, or commercial space.


Will you do more than one airborne mold or two surface mold tests?

If our on-site inspector believes your home, office, or commercial space needs more tests they will recommend it and proceed with your approval.


When will we know the results?

You will have your results the next business day.


When we find out what the results are can you help us fix the problem?

With every tests we provide the results; the possible health effects of anything we find, and a list of recommended solutions. Some solutions we can provide, others we provide a recommended list of local providers for - we want to make sure you have a healthy home whether we can do the work or not.


Can I stay in the building while you are testing?

Absolutely! Although when testing in smaller rooms, the inspector may recommend everyone leave that space to minimize the possibility of incorrect test results.


Do I have to be there while you test?

While we do not require your presence in every situation we highly recommend that you be present during testing. Our inspectors have flexible scheduling options and will do their best to accomodate unusual hours when necessary.


Is all mold toxic?

While certain molds are toxigenic, meaning they can produce toxins (specifically mycotoxins), the molds themselves are not toxic or poisonous. That said, all molds can and do produce spores which cause allergic reactions and we recommend all molds be removed, no matter the species. 


Are AirCheck One's inspectors Texas certified Mold Assessment Consultants?

AirCheck One's inspectors are, at minimum, certified Mold Assessment Technicians (MATs) but AirCheck One's assessments cannot be used as a protocol for mold remediation companies in the state of Texas. The tests can be used to determine if a building has a problem that requires a certified Mold Assessment Consultant (MAC) and we will recommend one in your area if it is necessary following your tests.